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SOUTH AFRICA What do you as member gain by joining AUSA?


EXPERTISE in recognition and procedural agreement negotiations when we represent the majority of the workers at your company.
COLLECTIVE bargaining when we represent the majority of workers at Salary/Wage and Conditions of Employment Negotiations.
LEGAL advice / representation individually and/or collectively when labour related problems such as Disciplinary hearings, grievances, injury on duty, unfair labour practices and disputes are encountered.
PROFESSIONAL assistance such as legal medical reports in case of injury on duty, financial advice, and the best possible professional labour related assistance available.
UNION communications via -
The Cutting Edge - published as needed for urgent information.
The Inside Edge - published monthly.
"COMPULSORY membership" of the Compulsory Group Life benefits all members and spouses are, upon membership, automatically covered. Our Cover is as follows:
Member Death - R30,000.00
Spouse Death - R5,000.00
Member Death in case of an Accident/Murder - R7,000.00
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LEGAL referral for either "private or personal" issues are available from the Union Office.
RETIREMENT gift, which is presented on proof of membership at retirement.
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On successful application you will be eligible for all the above benefits at a cost of only 0.6 % of your total Pensionable Salary.

Recorded below is a breakdown of the payments made from your membership fees on a monthly basis:

Compulsory Group Life Benefits

Investment Portfolio's

The Unions Communications

Full time office staff

AUSA administration cost which ranges between 2% and 5 % of membership fees

Office Rental and Lease Agreements

Legal Fees and Training

Stationery and Sundries

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